We have just launched a new set of referral program images and links, named “Advertise Here Set”. This set allows you to place various “Advertise Here” referral buttons and links across your website, blog, or even email newsletter, inviting your visitors to advertise on your site via BidVertiser.

To make it even more enticing, this set will give your visitors $20 coupon of free clicks to advertise on your site and will link directly to your personal “Advertise Here” landing page on the BidVertiser site, featuring the free $20 coupon. And better than that – we do not require any initial deposit which makes the $20 free for real!

To continue, simply login to your account, click the “Referral Program” link on the upper navigation bar, activate your referral program and choose to refer Advertisers. Then, simply choose any of the “Advertise Here” set of images or links.