All this information is for the DIY seo enthusiast if you prefer to let others rather do the linkbuilding for you you might want to use the best seo company in cape town, Otherwise read on!

Use a keyword in your anchor text

When creating a link, make sure you use your keywords in your hyperlink. For example, I am running a competition on Crush Calculator, where you stand a chance to win an Apple iPod Touch. As you can see, I have included the exact words I want associated with my competition. This tactic will influence your rankings in search engines relative to the searching of these key words.

Link from relevant pages

When linking to a website, if the link containing page is relevant to the destination website, the ranking will be treated better than a link which points to an irrelevant website. It makes sense though and shows just how intelligent these search engines are!

Link to relevant pages on your site.

Having incoming to your website is great an all, but having links from external sites pointing to relevant pages on your site will increase your rankings. If the link text is “win an Apple iPod Touch ” then you should make sure that the link goes to a page that has the competition. If the link text matches the content of the linked pages then it’s more likely that your website is really relevant to that term and it’s more likely that you’ll get high rankings for that search term. This is not the only benefit, this will also increase your users visiting pleasure.

It’s good if the link is from an authority site

Technorati gives websites authority ratings and having links coming from websites with high authorities will benefit your page rank. So having thousands of links from very low authority websites will not jump your page rank up a lot, rather take your time to get a link back from a website with a high authority.

The link must not have a nofollow attribute

The new attribute is called “nofollow” with rel=”nofollow” being the format inserted within an anchor tag. When added to any link, it will serve as a flag that the link has not been explicitly approved by the site owner. This seems to be the next big thing circulating the Internet.