Hey peeps,

Everyone knows that one of the first things to do with your blog is index it with Google via Google Webmasters tools and the second thing is to create a sitemap.

Creating your sitemap isn’t a hard task when wonderful sites like xml-sitemaps exists. Simply type in your URL, punch the button and their program will create an .xml file for you. This is the file you submit to Google Sitemaps.

All done? Nope.

So many people run along, submit their sites, grab the .xml file and upload it, but honestly, this isn’t the most ideal way of doing things. Once you have your .xml file, rather open the file up and have a look at all the URLs inside that file. Google has to download this file from your site and then proceed to index the various pages – what happens if you have hundreds of URLs inside the text file? Google will take a while to download the file and on top of that, Google won’t have the time to crawl all the URLs as he is a busy chap.

Open the .xml file in a text editor and remove useless URLs, as well as that, spend some time arranging the most important links towards the top of the file. The smaller the file and the higher the important links, the better your site will get indexed.

I always do this and trust me, it makes a big difference!