Springleap is currently having a competition which is awarding the user whose website ranks the highest for the keyword ’springleap’. Basically, get those SEO tools out, on the 1st of April the judges will do a google search for springleap and the top three SERP ranked sites will win cash prizes :)

The prizes are as follows:

* 1st SERP result – R2500
* 2nd SERP result – R1000
* 3rd SERP result – R500

It’s a clever idea, as most people will be linking back to Springleapinside their posts, therefore securing the keyword for Springleap.com ultimately ;)

I do see that the following domains are open:

* springleap.info ($2.99)
* springleap.net ($9.99)
* springleap.org ($8.99)
* springleap.mobi ($7.99)

The actual Springleap website is rather badly SEO’d, so if you go ahead and register one of these domains and SEO it up correctly, you could easily easily win – Unfortunately I just don’t have the time to do it, otherwise I would! Me thinks..

1. Register domain
2. Install wordpress
3. Write 3 posts
4. Simple metatag usage
5. Inbound link structuring

.. and you could probably win 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize! Someone do it, I want to see someone win doing this!