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Top 5 lessons – 48 laws of power by Robert Greene

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48 Laws of Power gives historical examples of the laws for attaining power in practice, as well as examples of those who are ignorant to these laws. The 48 laws of power can be used in business and every other aspect of life.

48 laws of power is a reference that you can refer to for years to come. Some may the laws as manipulative, Although some of the laws are they are all based on the reality of human nature, Instead of remaining ignorant to them try to understand them, and then decide how, when, and which to apply,

This my top 5 lessons i have learned and implemented successfully from the 48 laws of power.

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Lesson 1 Always say less than necessary (Law # 4) 

Louis XIV would have his courtiers tremble in fear due to his unpredictability. When delivering bad news he would say i shall see and have them leave the room. Then either take action or decide to do nothing about the issue. But always with an intimidating silence. Only speak when you have something meaningful to say actions speak louder than words

Russian Tsar Nicholas the first sentenced Contrati Leaf to death for rebelling against  him in 1825. As Contrati was to be hung, the rope tore and he fell to the ground, it was a miracle. As the Tsar was signing the pardon that will allow Contrati to live he asked if Contrati had made any remarks after the incident. The messenger replied Sire he said that in Russia they don’t even know how to make rope. Consequently  Contrati was hung again the following day. Had Contrati been silent in that moment of Incredible luck, he would have lived as the one person who survived the failed coup d’etat against Nicholas the first. He would have become a legend the man who cheated death. His treason pardoned. The gods on his side but he just couldn’t bite his tongue he couldn’t stay quiet perhaps his pride did not let him.

Refrain from saying something that you will regret in the future. The more you speak the higher the chances that you will say something that will get you into trouble. Perhaps it is best to let silence fill the air without feeling the need to speak in a way especially when your fate lies in someone else’s hands. Still today a harmless joke or negative remark heard by the people in power can cost you your livelihood. Be aware of just how much weight your words can carry.

Lesson 2 Win through your actions not through arguments (Law # 9)

The Roman consul Publius Crassus Dives Mucianus needed strong ships for his war campaign and without guarding his tongue his engineer argued that a different type than the one Mucianus preferred will be much better for conquest.The engineer was sentenced to death despite being right. Don’t argue with authorities agree and suggest an alternative and then demonstrate.

Lesson 3 Asking for help appeal to people’s self interest (Law # 13)

In 433 bc the Corcyrans and the Corinthians were preparing for war both parties wanted to secure the help of the athenians. The Corinthians reminded them of previous instances of assistance to them. The Corcyrans spoke of mutual interests the united forces of the navy directed at Spartans. The athenians allied with the Corcyrans. In bagaining of any kind practical arguments will always outrank emotional appeals.The past does not matter always aim for win-win deals.

Lesson 4 Use absence to increase respect and honor (Law # 16)

A man said to a dervish why do I not see you more often the dervish replied because the words why have you not been to see me are sweater to my ears then the words why have you come again. Mona Yami quoted in indrija shop’s caravan of Dreams 1968 “Give people time to miss you by robbing them of your presence”. It’s when we lose something that we discover how valuable it has been to us. 

Lesson 5 Isolation is dangerous(Law # 18)

The more you are isolated the easier it is to deceive you and you lose touch with reality. When someone is urging you to cut friends and family out of your life realize that they want to control and Influence you all by themselves. Whether they do this consciously or unconsciously it is malicious. Be careful in cutting yourself off from others for too long introverted or not. You may cause yourself great harm psychologically by pushing others away from you. 

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